Sunday, December 1, 2013

Milton County History

I know some of the locals may not know this, and I know you internets people from around the world, wont know the history of our great county. So here it is for ya, straight from wikipedia.

Milton County was  created on December 18, 1857 from parts of northeastern Cobb, southeastern Cherokee, and southwestern Forsyth counties. The county was named for John Milton, Secretary of State of Georgia from 1777 to 1799. Alpharetta was the county seat until the end of 1931.

Welcome Y'all

I would like to welcome yall to the new official website of the Milton County Georgia Sheriffs Department. I am your sheriff John T Dukes. Many of yall know me and I know many of yall. Hell some of yall've even spent the night with me in the jail courtesy of the justice system.

I am going to be using this here website to introduce yall to the many deputies, and to the rest of the well oiled system that is your sheriff department here in Milton County. I am also going to be telling yall about the different news that is coming out of the department and making a record of the goings on of the department.

As your duly elected sheriff I feel abliged to let yall know what is going on with your tax dollars and I sure hoe that you will think that they have been used in accordance with your wishes.